BL75 Series

BL75 Series, 75mm pitch flanged and recessed type louvre panels

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The BL75 Series louvres comprise louvre blades inclined at 45° and mounted at 75mm centres within 100mm, or 140mm deep frame. Galvanised bird screen supplied as standard. Frames can be flanged for surface mounting or recessed to give frameless appearance. The bottom blade is extended over the outer frame to prevent ingress of water and provide drainage from the louvre face. Louvre sizes made to suit customer requirements.

Recommended maximum. size for a single unit: upto 2000 x 2000.  Larger sizes accommodated in multi-panel systems.

Nominal free area: 54.9% with bird mesh fitted

Maximum BSRIA weather test rating November 2019 (simulated rainfall of 75mm/hr, wind speed of 13m/sec):


92% BLS75/140/BG (class C)

98.49% BLS75/140/IM (class B)


Face Velocity (metres per second)          0.5     1.0        1.5      2.0

Pressure Drop (Pascals)                           0.54   6.16    13.86    24.65


BL75 Series

BL75 Series

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