Ducogrille Solid 30Z

Manufactured by Bridge Louvre, the Ducogrille Solid 30Z is a small blade format louvre with high ventilation capacity and a high strength louvre blade. Available for curtain walling applications

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The Bridge Louvre manufactured Ducogrille Solid 30Z is available in flanged, recessed or curtain wall frames (24mm, 28mm or 32mm glass thickness).

The louvre blades are punched in place of mesh, with small slots (P1), larger square slots (P2) or as ‘dummy’ louvres unpunched (NP).


Blade pitch is 37.5mm and minimum size 200w x 190h.


Free Areas:

34% for P1

48% for P2

Maximum BSRIA weather test rating November 2019 (simulated rainfall of 75mm/hr, wind speed of 13m/sec):

91.1% P1, insect mesh fitted (class C)

96.1% P2, insect mesh fitted (class B)

Bridge Louvre Ducogrille Solid 30Z

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