Published: 27th March 2020


In accordance with current Government advice our factory is remaining open, where staff numbers permit.  Where possible, work is being carried out from home.

Lead Times:

During this difficult period there are likely to be fluctuations in staff numbers, delays in our supply chain.  We have also made changes to our operating procedures to assist in compliance with current social distancing requirements.  This will inevitably affect lead times on deliveries.


Inward Deliveries

When making a delivery to our premises, please ensure your driver phones the office on arrival or sounds the horn of their vehicle.  The driver should remain in their vehicle if possible and if not, must wash/clean their hands before unloading goods or materials.


27 March 2020

This page will be updated when required


UPDATE 14 APRIL 2020:  We remain open for business as per current Government advice:

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